An Introduction to Financial Statements


    Financial Statements are a major part of fundamental and value analysts' due diligence. As an Aerospace Engineer, not a CFA, this course will approach the topic from the perspective of an amateur investor who has no ties to the financial world.

    It is my hope that I teach you how to utilize financial statements to further your own success. There is nothing in the following lessons that is too difficult for you to discern. This course isn't long, but I recommend that you take your time with it. Digest the information, and apply it. You can return to any lesson at a later time and use it as a reference source.

    Financial documents provide the most accurate account of how a company has been performing in the past, and generously provide a preview of the future of the business. They shed light on what the most profitable areas of a company are, the largest growth opportunities, and what the biggest risks the corporation could face. We will learn how to spot the most important points in these documents, while ignoring the biased fluff.

    Course Goals

    • Learn how to find any company's recent SEC filings.
    • Learn the differences between the prominent SEC forms.
    • Understand the meaning of GAAP and Non-GAAP Metrics
    • Learn the different names for each document, and where to find them in an SEC form.
    • Learn a basic strategy for traversing through a form quickly and with purpose.

    This course is entirely free.

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    Elijah Carter Elijah Carter Author